Day 18 in Brazil

Day 18

I had to go to the doctors early. Elisete and Fatima were going to take me but first I had to spend sometime on the phone with my insurance company. Luckily, my travel insurance was very good and covered a lot. We were able to go to the family doctor and I received much better care than I would have if I had to go to a public hospital. I had to have X-rays done on my arm, and then we went to see the doctor. Apparently I didn’t break anything, but I the bike accident had caused some indirect trauma to my elbow. I had a lesion in my ligament and it was like inflamed and would need to immobilized for a few days….yes, I had to get a cast put on. If I was already feeling embarrassed about the accident and the amount of attention I was constantly getting in Brazil, the cast, that went from my fingers all the way up to my shoulder, was really just icing on the cake! I laughed like a crazy person as the nurse wrapped my arm of course this would happen to me! .  As I’ve mentioned before I’m prone to verrrrrry bad luck, and after a while you just learn to laugh about it and take it in stride.

We didn’t get home until almost noon and the family had planned a bbq for me.  So I had about fifteen minutes to get ready with my newly immobilized arm, and realized very quickly my clothes were not going to fix over the sexy new addition to my arm. We got to the bbq and waited for people to arrive. It was cold and rainy, and the bbq was fairly small. I should probably explain a little bit of the difference in Brazilian bbq’s compared to a typical one from the U.S.  An American bbq means hotdogs and hamburgers, with one man on the grill and a whole lot of different salads. In Brazil it means giant amounts of meat, and different kinds of meat that they cook and eat, and cook and eat, and cook and eat. As a vegetarian, I ate salad and rice. I was also introduced to an American girl that was in Brazil. Jess had met her through a friend and invited her to the bbq. Her name was Crystal and she’s from Boston. We didn’t have a ton in common, but she’s a very relaxed and fun person. We talked a lot about the differences in the cultures, and it was somewhat comforting not being the only American for just one day. I spent most of the bbq talking to Crystal and Ademar (who’s a very good friend, that I talked about in earlier blogs) I was given the nickname of “Frog” by Ademar who felt it was very fitting as I stuck my tongue out at him when he would pick on me. I was his little frog the rest of my trip.

Later we had English class, after English class everyone from school was going out to a Karaoke bar. The bar was a lot of fun. Our group was very large and loud. Ademar, was my “boyfriend” for the night and kept me laughing with his silly antics. I’d made a lot of friends at school and it was fun getting to hangout longer than just in between class breaks. I don’t drink, and sobriety only works for so long after everyone else has a few drinks in them. It was fun, but I was tired, and we were suppose to be getting up at 7:00 the next morning for something Fatima had planned for us to do. We left the bar a little after 1:00. (Found out later that the rest of the group didn’t go home till 5)


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