Day 12,13, and 14 in Brazil

Day 12

We did one of my favorite things since coming here: we saw the Capoeira. The Capoeira is a traditional fight/dance. It combines music, martial arts, and rhythm. It’s original purpose was as a way for slaves to practice and learn fighting techniques without raising any suspicion from their masters. Slaves had no way to obtain any kind of weapon and therefore if they were going to attempt an escape needed to learn how to fight. The dance and music of the Capoeira allowed slaves to practice fighting techniques that helped many slaves avoid recapture once they’d escaped.  It’s really very beautiful to watch, the whole event is very ceremonial and takes you back to another time!

IMG_0858 IMG_0840IMG_0622


Later we got ready to go to another festa junhia only this one would be held at my family’s church. I met a lot of people, and ate a lot of strange food. Toward the end an older man who probably had a little bit to drink grabbed my and held me to his chest professing his love for me and telling me how beautiful I was. I laughed and I’m positive my face was as red as a tomato. Jess laughed, “another new husband?” she asked with a grin.

Day 13

We spent the day at home and didn’t go out until seven that evening. We ended up going to what I can only describe to be like a youth-group. I saw some of the people I had met the night before, and even though I’m not Catholic and don’t speak the language, I participated as best I could in the singing and dancing. At the end one of the men in the praise band announced who I was, and they all sang a song to me about God’s blessing and being with me wherever life may take me. I was embarrassed and feeling shy about all of the stares, but It was a really beautiful gesture and I was really touched by the love they  showed me.

Day 14

Another new instructor! She didn’t speak any English, but she brought her grandson along who spoke English well enough to help explain things to me. I didn’t think the class was bad, I learned some geography, about the seasons and climate, and names for clothing. After lunch Jess and I went for a run and then a bike ride. We had school that night, it was English class and Jess and I would be going every night for 3 hours for the 2 weeks. I sat in beginners English with Jess and no, I didn’t learn any new English words that evening 😉


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