Day 9 in Brazil

Day 9 was pretty mellow. School, lunch, nap. After waking up we went to purchase tickets for a classical concert we planned on seeing Friday night. Then we came home and decided to go on a bike ride…..oops!

The bike ride was fine, for a little while. I’ll confess right up front that I’m a major clutz. Ask anyone that knows me; it’s ridiculous! By the grace of God I haven’t managed to trip and fall of some random cliff since being here because that’s the kind of luck I’m prone to having. So anyways, the bike ride was great, until something went very wrong. I still haven’t figured out quite what happened, suddenly I was laying on the pavement, I couldn’t breathe and my bike was on top of me. People we sticking their heads out of their cars and yelling to me in Portuguese, but I was too dazed to really notice. I somehow managed to pull myself out of the road, Jess was half-laughing at me, half concerned. Everything hurt…and I mean everything! My hands we bleeding, my face bloody, and the wind was knocked out of me. (upon closer examination later, I have giant bruises all over my legs, my shoulder, my knees are scrapped up, my forearm, as well as my face and hands bleeding) I was mostly embarrassed, I felt so stupid! There had been a car coming at me, and I was watching it, but when I turned to face forward there was a giant pothole (that I’m sure I would’ve died in!), and I must have  panicked and braked wrong. I was propelled forward, flipped onto the pavement, and my bike flipped on top of me. I ride my bike A LOT at home, so this was a first for me, thank goodness I wasn’t seriously hurt. My clothes were ruined, I looked terrible. I was picking straw and bits of garbage out of my hair, I was sweaty, bloody and a mess so Jess suggested we walk into a pet store and ask to use their bathroom so I could clean up. There was a strange incident there. For some reason, the owner’s son must have thought my frazzled bloody dirt coated self was very attractive because he was very intent on talking to me and wanted me to know it was his birthday and how It wasn’t happy anymore, because of my crash. It was very strange. I can never tell when someone is actually hitting on me, or if the guys are just being regular Brazilians because they’re all super friendly.

“Ok, happy birthday”  was my confused response to him. Jess couldn’t stop laughing about it later. This was going to be my new husband, forget vegetable man, I could have bird man, and have little angry bird children! Goodness the girl is crazy, but I’ll admit the whole thing was really ridiculous. I think maybe the birthday boy had had a drink or two before I showed up;)

At the house it was a lot of fussing and then laughing at me and my clumsy ways. I was lucky I wasn’t seriously hurt though. Just another day in Brazil!


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