Day 5 and 6 in Brazil

No school! It’s the weekend and that means sleeping in!  We spent mid-morning to early afternoon with Adilson, his wife Fabiana, and their son Joan, and walked around the market. Things are set up very different here than in the states, it reminds me a little of going to a county fair (except there are no rides 🙂 ) We also stopped in at the Americana fire station and were given a tour by one of Aldison’s friends. The afternoon was lazy, we watched TV and talked. Later, Jess took out her instruments: she plays the violin and a kind of whistle. Her friend Ademar, who speaks very good English came over to the house and we all went to Festa Junina! It’s a celebration they have for the month of June, and they often have it in July as well. There was a lot of food, music, dancing, fireworks, and Jess, who is miss popularity, pointed out many of her friends. The festival is a lot of fun, because everyone dresses up like hicks! Cowboys hats, plaid, flannel, straw hats. I was right at home because as coincidence would have it, I was dressed in a plaid flannel shirt! I am after all, a country bumpkin at heart 😉 There’s also a large bonfire that the children play around, and I laughed as the children tossed firecrackers and ran away shrieking and giggling as the exploded. Once one went off right next to me and I nearly jumped out of my skin! Jess and Ademar laughed hysterically, I clutched at my chest in exaggerated fear. My favorite part is always observing people. I loved the children especially, laughing and dancing, and I watched Fatima, and Antonio dance like young lovers….It was so sweet to watch. At one point Jess pulled me up to dance, and I nervously agreed. Somehow, I was transferred over to Ademar, and he tried to teach me some very basic steps while I clumsily stomped on his feet again and again. Poor boy, he probably couldn’t walk very well the next day! Jess was snapping pictures while we danced, they’re embarrassing to even look at! It was fun though, Ademar  is very nice and wants to come to the states next year, I told him to look me up when he arrives.

Dancing very badly with Ademar at the Festa Junina

Dancing very badly with Ademar at the Festa Junina

The next day we went to Piracicbah for a festival that was going on there. Lots of food, lots of street vendors, it had some beautiful scenery! I was again fascinated by the light, the trees are tall exotic and the shadows they create are breathtaking. I’m always noticing the quality of light, it’s one of the things I love most about photography. For supper that evening we had Brazilian pizza, and it had palmeto on it! Palmeto is the name of the vegetable from the inside of the palm tree, it’s kind of salty, like olives. It was a long day, but I wasn’t ready to go to bed, the next day I had Portuguese class in the morning and I so was dreading waking up!


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