Day 4 in Brazil

I’m afraid it was official, I was sick. After breakfast and getting ready for school (an effort in and of itself!) we stopped at a pharmacy where Fatima bought me some medicine. My head ached, my throat was swollen and painful, and my nose was stuffed up. Basically, I felt awful. I went to Portuguese class and hoped I wouldn’t have to make a lot of sounds that are required in speaking the language; the sounds put pressure on my throat and it hurt a lot. Flavio had called early at breakfast and requested that I bring in my computer, knowing that I was under the weather. I walked into class and he was immediately sympathetic, and had brought me special snacks to try and a box of tissues. I stuck it out in class, I couldn’t afford to not give 100% because quite frankly, my Portuguese is terrible! I have the vocabulary of a 10 month old child and I’m sure my pronunciation is much worse.
After class I was told that some faculty members had organized a pizza party for Chris (a worker from GCC who had arrived) and I. Flavio urged me to consider my health, even though there was a bike ride planned for after the party. I went up and said hello to everyone and apologized for not feeling well and left. I felt terrible, I still do, but I knew I needed rest. I went home and slept until supper.
When I woke up from my nap, I was feeling much better, but I was still sick. Jess showed me some of the music she liked and we painted our nails, and danced and acted like silly girls at a slumber party. I’m really going to miss her when I leave, I’m already sad just thinking about it. Later, her friend stopped by with a movie, which we watched in Portuguese with English subtitles for me. After her friend left we spent more time talking and then went to bed.


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