Day 3 in Brazil

The mornings are usually the same; breakfast and school. Flavio, my professor is a wonderful man and a very patient teacher. I feel like I have a few phrases down and ten minutes later it’s as though they’ve all fallen out of my head. It’s frustrating because I don’t feel like I’m making any progress most of the time, but I guess I will just have to spend more time studying! During our break, Flavio and I walked down to what’s called a Feira, it’s similar to a farmers market, there’s little stands set up with carts of food and clothing. Here, I was introduced to Pastel. Pastels are a thin piece of dough filled with cheese, or meat, or vegetables, and then folded in half and fried. They’re wonderful! I drank Quarana, which is a drink made from an Amazon fruit.
After school I was picked up by Fatima, Jess, Fabiana, and Joao and we all went to the zoo. The zoo was absolutely gorgeous! It’s set up more like a park. It’s completely free, and families go and walk around, and older people play cards in the center. It’s really lovely. I was entranced by the way the light filtered through the trees. I played in the slivers of sunlight with my hands creating new shadows and shapes as we walked along. One of my favorite parts of the visit were the monkeys. Yes, there were monkeys in cages, but little monkeys live in the trees in the zoo and are as normal to see here as a squirrel might be back in New York. Many of the animals weren’t separated, and live together in the zoo the way they might in nature. I got some wonderful shots of the animals but mostly I just enjoyed the day out with the family.

A picture I snapped of one of the monkeys! How cute!

A picture I snapped of one of the monkeys! How cute!

The afternoon was a little less busy after the zoo. For the most part it was just a time to relax. Later, Jess came into my room and said she had a few friends that wanted to hangout. We walked down with the group to McDonald’s for some food. We had a nice time. Even though I couldn’t communicate, it was fun to watch the boys interact with each other, some things are still the same no matter what language you speak. We walked home and Jess and I stayed up late talking (we use the Google translator if we need to) and I noticed that my throat was beginning to hurt. I didn’t sleep much that night. I was worried that I was getting sick, unfortunately, I was right.


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