Your Chance to Study Abroad in Brazil!

Hey Everyone! My name is Chris Davis and I just started working at GCC about a month ago, I’m helping to organize the Study Abroad trips. I want to take the time with my first post on this blog to let people know about something great that we’re offering this summer.
This summer, GCC is offering an amazing opportunity for its students. We are giving them the chance to travel to Brazil, and study both Portuguese language and the culture of this diverse country. I know a lot of students might be a little nervous about traveling so far from home and immersing themselves in such a different of way of life than what they are used to, but I can tell you from first hand knowledge that traveling to Brazil is not only a once in a lifetime experience, it’s also an incredibly fun one too!
Before I tell you all about the trip I took to Brazil last summer, I want to just take the chance to fill you in a little about Brazil itself. Besides being South America’s largest country and the fifth largest country in the whole world, Brazil also has one of the most diverse populations in South America. Much like the US Brazil is considered a, “melting pot,” Brazilians can trace their ancestry back to places all over the world, Europe, Asia and native South American(with many others as well). Really though, besides all of that what’s really really interesting about Brazil right now is the fact that it has an economy that is growing and thriving, and because of that there are many opportunities for students to make connection that could possibly benefit them on both a personal and business level.
So, that’s a bit of the background of what can expect on this trip. Next time, I’m going to tell you all more about the trip I took last summer with some GCC teachers, to the same town we’re hoping to send you this summer. I’ll tell you about all the fun things we did and the great people we met, hopefully you’ll get the chance to meet some of them too!

If you’re already interested feel free to contact me at
Or check out our website


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