O ro’ the rattlin’ bog down by Causey Farm

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Last week we visited Causey Farm  and had an amazing time! We made authentic Irish Soda Bread, milked cows, went for a hayride, watched a sheep dog herd the sheep, learned traditional Irish Ceili dances, played the Bodhran drum, and played with many different farm animals including sheep, horses, piglets, puppies and chicks.  Causey Farm had so much to offer, but my favorite part of the visit was “bog jumping”.

Here is a video of us attempting the Irish Ceili Dance

What is bog jumping? All over Ireland there are natural forming bogs;  plants like Heather and Spagnum cover much of the landscape preserving and creating more bog.  A bog is a wetland that accumulates acidic peat of partially decomposed plant matter and turf.   The accumulated peat can then be harvested with a slean(turf-spade)  and is baked in the sun and wind and used for fuel. Traditionally the dried briquettes of turf have been the primary fuel for heating homes and are still commonly used today. Once the turf is harvested from the bog, it leaves a pit suitable for bog jumping; this is where the fun comes in!  Bog jumping  is simply jumping in one of the pits left from the turf harvest.  The bog is deceiving because on the surface it looks like you can walk on it, but do not be fooled because you instantly start sinking (think quicksand).  For many years, the bog has been part of Irish history and culture – providing work, fuel and my favorite — the pastime of bog jumping.

Check out the video of Yoshi and I jumping into the bog!

Yoshi falling face first into the bog after attempting the bog monkey bars.


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2 responses to “O ro’ the rattlin’ bog down by Causey Farm”

  1. Valerie Bubb says :

    Cody you cracked your family up with your awesome attempt to do the Irish Ceili dance 🙂
    Yoshi you were hilarious!! Bog jumping is your sport for sure!

  2. Jim says :

    Love it!

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