Part 4

Day four was a day where we got to discover places that were older then the pyramids!! We went to the passage tombs known as Nowth and New Grange, it was really neat hearing about the history of these places and what has been found. At Nowth they found a lot of ashes/bones  and one full skeleton, with the skeleton was a necklace that had stones from all over Europe. The history that they have been able to discover about these places is so amazing to listen to.

(Nowth and other passage tombs)

(This was the view walking to the bus that would take us to Nowth and New Grange)

New Grange, was a lot bigger then Nowth and was very unique because it was built so long ago but its still here in one place! The way it was built allows for once a year when the sun is in a certain place in the sky it creates  a solstice, which lights up the tomb. Its crazy to think that people with no technological made this massive tomb and some how know at what angle to put it so the sun would light up the tomb once a year.

(New Grange)

After that we got to see Abby monastery:

 Not much to look at any more but there really is a lot of history and I was able to learn a lot about monastery’s and monks. (Also would make for the worlds best place to play hide and go seek! Just saying lots of places that could hide.)  When King Henry the 8th decommissioned all the monastery’s and this building was no longer in use people came and took the stones to use for there walls and houses leaving very little.

The last thing of the day we got to see was of some of the most famous Celtic crosses in Ireland, I dont remember much about the history of them right now but I have a few cool pictures 🙂

Well thats all for now. More later 🙂 tata



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7 responses to “Part 4”

  1. Anita Whitehead says :

    Your photos are wonderful. I’d love to mount an exhibit of them in the GCC library. Come see me when you get back.

  2. Dawn says :

    Interesting posting… Also some very good pictures, I especially like the one in black and white… although it’s kinda erie like from a horror film or something. The dome shape is quite unique to the tombs. Did they happen to say what the purpose of these particular tombs were? obviously to burry the dead, but specifically who? Interesting how we can learn about a people through the structures and ornate detail in their burial areas. The monestary is also pretty cool – were you allowed to talk there? I thought monks couldn’t talk… just checking – well you’re not monks, and I suppose it’s been decommissioned so you were probably off the hook. Was the cross on the grave noted to have any religious affiliation – catholic or protestant?

    take care – keep bloggin’! I am enjoying the pics and info… almost makes me want to come over and take a peaksie…. ok, So I have wanted to visit for a while now… maybe a family vacation or something…. we’ll have to see. Heritage hunting 🙂

    • Tammy says :

      These pictures are awsome. I agree with Dawn that we should make it a family vacation. Keep up the blogs, it’s cool to read and hope that someday soon Ill be there.

  3. Eleanor says :

    Thanks for taking the time to write about your adventure ~ just found this today and will be checking in for updates.

  4. Dawn says :

    An exhibit in the GCC library that would be cool…. Maybe another change in your major 🙂 haha. I would come and see it for sure! and I’d bring all my friends too.

  5. gccblogs says :

    Wow, I would love that! I will defiantly come and see you when I get back. I have easily over 1,000 pictures maybe not all the best but I would like to say there’s a few that aren’t to bad.

    Dawn: They are more recently developing these areas and they have theories of who and what they were used for exactly. We did go to so much that a lot of it blended together so Im not going to say to much because I might get it wrong. I will bring back the hand outs I got from them though 🙂 Yes we were aloud to talk silly 😛 I believe the cross has catholic back grounds because that is what the majority of what Ireland is. Although the history has a lot of chirstianity. Yes I agree family vacation and here!! Would be amazing and have a great time.

    all: I will try and keep blogging but we either dont get much time or it takes a little bit to pick out the perfect pictures I will try to keep it up though I’m glad to hear that everyone enjoys it! 🙂

  6. Dawn says :

    Wow. that’s a lot of pictures, and you still have a few days left… It will take us hours to look through them all. But that’s ok. You should do one of those snapfish books of your trip… it will make it a nice coffee table conversation piece.

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