Part 3

So the third day we were here in Ireland we got to go see Peters (the gentleman who we are staying with) brothers dairy farm, and the farm that has been in Peters family for 2 or 300 years.

(Henry on left and Peter on the right)

We got to learn all about how the dairy farms work here in Ireland and how they are different from a lot in the states because the cows are fed by grass in the field unlike that states where they feed them oats and other things and keep them inside. Also something I learned was that there has to be a certain amount of lactose in the milk and cant have other things like antibiotics, It really was quite interesting.

(only a day old!!)

(This is what he uses to milk all 80 cows twice a day)

I love the cows but my favorite part about the farm was the horses!!! They are taller then normal horses, they are called Irish Hunters and so beautiful!!


After we got done the tour of the farm we went into the town of Navan to do a little bit of shopping and get people who needed them coats. This is where I got to experience my first Irish mall! It was really neat because they have a fresh market and bakery inside the center of the building and they had these things that where like moving side walks but at an angle to take the place of stairs or escliators it was great! lol

(Pretty awesome huh?)

Another thing that I found funny was when we went to get food they had this on the menu…

(An american burger.. I dont know if I should take it as compliment or be affended…)

After shopping we were able to go to Slane castle! It was pretty cool because only a couple weeks before Kings of Leon had performed there to around 100,oo0 people.  Slane was also where U2 shot there music video for one of there songs.  The fact that the castle was in one piece was pretty awesome but there had been a fire not long ago and so none of the furniture was original and it was set up for weddings and for people to stay.

( The GORGEOUS celing in the dinning room!)

The last thing of the day that we did was go to Slane Hill, Slane Hill is where there was a king of Slane buried and lots of other important people to the area.  Right next to that was what was left of an old monastery, there wasn’t a whole lot left but that is what made it exciting to go in and explore and go up stairs that lead to a small plat form that when you looked down was at least 40 foot drop if not more.

Well thats all for now! Will add more soon.



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4 responses to “Part 3”

  1. Dawn says :

    The cow thing is cool! I wish that more of the US farmers would follow suit with the grass fed, and no antibiotics, or minimal at least. I think we loose a lot of nutrition her in the states because of our process. Shopping is fun anywhere, especially in another country – trying to figure out how much something costs… and seeing different spin on similar products… ie “american burger”… just think how Hawaiians feel when we have “Hawaiian Pizza”. They certainly don’t call it that. The castle looks cool, I’m sure that it would be cool to see original furniture, although I’m sure that it is difficult with fires etc. as you mentioned… one of the nice things about castles though, if there is a fire the outside structure is still there, because it doesn’t burn like wood. It lasts a whole lot longer too!

    oh, if we come pick you up there will be no sleeping for days… ’cause how else are we going to hear all about your trip and see pictures… you know we can’t wait forever we’ll want to see things right away. So, you may want to go back to your house first and then come and visit when you’re rested up and ready to share! 🙂

    Happy jigging… “irish” that is 🙂

    • gccblogs says :

      I agree about all of that.. and have one word.. your a dork! lol but I still love you for some strange reason 😉

      Doesnt matter either way I guess its up to you. After being with so many people to go home to quiet house where im alone might give me anxiety haha so we’ll see.

  2. Dawn says :

    Yes, I will wear the title of sister dork… for well probably as long as we live… Fun skyping with you tonight, great to see some of the people you are spending time with and hear their fun “accents”! And I hope that they don’t think we’re joking about coming back for a visit… ’cause we just may and they better be prepared for a whole family of “dorks” 🙂

  3. gccblogs says :

    lol I think that they will be ok with a family of dorks so lets do it!!

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