The Farm!

Part  2- by Theresa

The second day I woke up thinking that I had over slept because I heard noise from the kitchen but come to find out it was just Kyrin and it was only 6:30!!! Since I was up I just stayed up and enjoyed  a nice breakfast and shower then got ready and went out for a walk with Kyrin and Wilma . We met up with Peter when we were down looking at the cows and he invited us to go up and see the baby cows that he was going to feed.

(Baby cows drinking the milk mixture)

(Baby cows out in the field eating out of the troth)

Peter told us a lot about farming and Ireland in general. It was really awesome listening to how different their culture is then back in the states. For example houses and farms being handed down generation to generation for hundreds of years so it’s not often that there is land for sale and when you buy property you don’t sell it for the majority of the time.

I wasn’t expecting what was to come next, next we went to Causey farms where at first I was thinking 5 hours on a farm that’s going to be way to much time we are going to run out of things to do but in reality I had the most amazing time and there was never a dull moment.  We got to see all types of baby animals including a puppy that was only 9 days old.

(dont like my face in this one but the puppy is so cute!)

Then there was Irish dance… Not an easy thing to learn but it was really funny trying to see the group try and once we got the basic idea it was pretty fun. Conor our guide for the day was a good teacher. (videos to come later because it wont let me load it now)

(everyone waiting to dance)

Also got to experience making soda bread which isn’t really that hard but the most enjoyable part was when Conor told us that the tradition for adding the eggs is that the egg must first fly so he got up on a chair and tossed the eggs to each person and at one point he moved his chair all across the room and was throwing an egg to Kyrin on the opposite side of the room but it hit the light and didn’t break he had fooled us with a fake egg!  It made us all have a good laugh and then we fell for it again!

(Conor about to throw eggs)

The group got to learn a new sport called hurling which to me seems to be a mix of lacrosse, baseball, and American football with its own twist. You are given a stick thats made of wood that looks almost like golf club of wood almost.. (It’s hard to explain look up a hurling stick to understand better) then you try and pick the ball up with the stick and hit it like baseball into the goal and if you get it in the goal is 3 points and over the poll thing is 1 point. Very confusing but it seems like a rough sport so I know I would enjoy watching it.

(Jill in hurling attire)

(Conor in the hurling goal. Sorry its blurry but best one have of the goal for now)

I also got the opportunity to experience an Irish bog first hand by going in up to my knees, the bog is a thick mud type patch but is used in some skin products because its good for your skin, the bog is very much like quick sand and more you way the further you sink. Jill and Youshi jumped in.. but I will leave that story and videos for Jill to fill you in about.

Another thing we were able to learn was how to play the Bodhroan (think thats how its spelt) the Bodhroan is the Irish drum. (shown below)

Last but not least we got to see hay bale tuned into rope! It was really an amazing thing! I have videos to put up of it but like I said it wont let me load it and we are about to go on todays adventures so for now I will leave a picture so you get the basic idea.

Well thats all I have for you today, will try and continue again later. 🙂



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  1. Student News says :

    It looks like you’re all having fun!

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