Greetings from Ireland!

Part 1- by Theresa

Greetings from Ireland! Today I’m finally getting time to write here on the blog! We have done so many things that I am going to have to do this in parts so that I don’t leave any of the good details out and also because it’s getting late and I only have a little time before I should be sleeping so that I’m well rested for tomorrows adventures.

This picture is of me (Theresa) on the left and Kyrin on the right. During the long six hour plane ride we found various ways to keep ourselves entertained the most enjoyable was listening to music from Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas and sing/dancing in our seats,(trying not to bother our fellow passengers to much), it was a lot of fun and helped keep us awake.

After we arrived at Dublin airport (in the picture above) we were greeted by Peter, his wife, and oldest son. They made us feel very welcome, although at times it was hard to understand what they were saying with the accents it was still one of the warmest welcomes I have every experienced.

After we got all of our suite cases in the cars and then all the passengers in the cars we were off to a castle!! Despite being very tired from such a long flight and the time change we got a tour of this magnificent castle (pictured below) After our tour as we were leaving we saw the Red Bull truck and got free energy drinks ( which was really need on such low sleep!)

Our first meal was at a pub/restaurant that was called the Wishing Well (pictured below) I soon was to discover how amazing there chips ,or as we know them as fries were (also pictured below).  I also got to learn that they drink out of wine glasses for their drinks such as orange juice and water.

After a great meal we went back to Rathgillian farm where we were shown where we would be sleeping for the next two weeks. The building that I am staying in (shown below) is extremely beautiful! Each bed room has its own bathroom with shower included and a dresser or some place for you clothes, and lots of mirrors and just an amazing place to stay. I will try to put up more pictures of it as we go along. 

Well that’s all for tonight I will continue with what has happened in my next blog which I will try to post tomorrow. I have lots of pictures to share and even some great videos of what we have done! Thanks for reading.

~ Theresa~


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