These GCC students left today for Ireland, where they will study for two weeks as a part of our Study Abroad program! They’ll be staying at Rathgillan Farm in the rural town of Nobber in Meath County (about one hour from Dublin). You can follow along as they blog about their experience (beginning tomorrow) right here!



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14 responses to “Ireland-bound!”

  1. Dawn says :

    We are all glad to hear that you are safe! We were all curious if you had arrived, or were stuck at customs or if some big Irish guy had caught your fancy and you were getting married :0) … We’re hoping!!! Also just to let you know, four days with no Theresa – we are having withdrawals. We can’t wait to read your next blog about all the other fun things you’ve been doing… hopefully taking in some Irish music and leaving the Gaga on the Plane. Oh p.s. Your brother in-law says don’t forget the crystal girlie!

  2. Dawn says :

    La say’s I miss you and I love you very much… Sorry T she made me type it to you. πŸ™‚

  3. gccblogs says :

    I’m still working on that guy thing for ya πŸ˜‰ I found out that a castle we went to does weddings so we’ll have to keep that in mind only 5,000 euros for the deposit no biggie. Im sorry to hear your missing me so much but I will be home way before Im ready. I really am having a great time and not going to rush anything. Yes we are learning more of the music so that I can leave gaga behind. and I wont forget some crystal for him and tell makayla that I miss her and love her very very much! πŸ™‚

  4. Dawn says :

    So, I’m looking forward to more info on what you’re doing. I think this is great for the travel and tourism major!!! Now the goal is to get paid for traveling πŸ™‚ How’s the weather been? What’s the time difference? We want more pictures too! Ok, I am sure that is enough harassing for now… until we blog again~

  5. gccblogs says :

    the weather has been great actually mostly sunny a little bit cold when windy but not bad and we are 5 hours ahead of you here. I added a new one and going to keep trying! love ya!

  6. Valerie Bubb says :

    I would have to agree with you girls on the “cutie” !

  7. Dawn says :

    Well well, it sounds like you are continuing to have a good time, and even learn a few things too! Of course the learning is the most important… considering you are going to be graded. You on a farm doing work – hey I’d pay money to see that – T gettin her hands dirty! We’d have to have a throw down in that mud pit too… hey maybe we could play that new crazy game you were talking about in the mud… haha that sounds like fun. The pictures are great, except the fuzzy one… How’s our camera workin out for you? I’m glad to hear you’re having good weather, you really aren’t going to want to come home after this. How many generations have owned that farm that you were talking about? I bet it is quite amazing to see such history all around you and the difference in culture.

    catchya later

  8. gccblogs says :

    Of corse im having a good time and yes I am able to say thank you, i like it, good luck, and lovely in there language.. now thats just mean and you put it on here for the world to see geez love you too πŸ˜› Bring it any day I could take you easily! and no we are not playing that in mud that would just be bad . Yeah I know that fuzzy one wasnt good but it helped show my point. Your camera is great! for the most part some times it wasnt doing what I wanted it to but mostly its working well. I think I spoke to soon today it rained the whole day and was so cold you could see your breath.NO I really really dont lol me and Kyrin are trying to figure out how we could move here our conclusion is find rich Irish guy but I dont see that happening. The farm I am on has just been bought by the gentleman Peter 18 years ago but the farm he grew up on and his brother owns has been in the family for 200 or 300 years. Yeah it truly is amazing and I love every second of it! talk to ya later.

  9. Michael Boyd says :

    Hey, Charley. I remember that the family (Story) farm in MH was in the family for 200 years. I am enjoying the blog and especially the photos. Next weekend is the Scottish Renaissance Fiare in Watsonville, CA

  10. Dawn says :

    Rich and Irish are not really deal stoppers, it just needs to be a guy who lives in Ireland… if indeed you do want to stay there. Of course there would be other criteria, but this is a school trip, not a marriage retreat πŸ™‚ haha How’s the fuzz in the joints today with it being so rainy? Ha ha Rainey that’s funny. Ok, so not really, but if you can’t laugh at yourself then you’ll just feel bad when everyone else is laughing. Cool weather here today too, a nice relief from the humidity. So have you used any “lifts”? I’ve been honing my “irish skills” a lift is an elevator right… What other fun words are used differently over there? Are you scared driving on the wrong side of the street? Have they let you drive yet!???
    Did you get to go to church today? or will you get to go while you are there?

  11. gccblogs says :

    Hi GCC bloggers! I just wanted to let you know I’m separating each blog post into its own posting. From now on, please create a ‘New Post’ every time a person blogs, instead of just updated the original Ireland post. Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy Travels! Thanks! -Shawna

  12. gccblogs says :

    lol we shall see what happens thanks πŸ˜› haha dont you think your so funny :p the fuzzy in my joints arell good because today was nice and warm! No I dont I take the stairs.. hm.. other fun words.. “crack” is fun “trackies” are shoes “jumpers” are sweatshirts “motor way ” is highway um… there a lot of them. Yeah at first it was really scary being on the other side of the road because they also drive a lot faster and the roads are a lot smaller! No I havent 1 because I dont want to 2 because its stick and I cant drive that. Nope we didnt get to church and I dont think we will be during the trip but me and Kyrin do little bible studies or at least read our bibles in the mornings.

  13. Dawn says :

    It sounds like we’re going to have to teach you how to drive a standard. It’s not that tough… just wear a neck brace for the wiplash πŸ™‚ That’s a bummer you won’t get to go to church, that would have been a neat experience. When do you get back? Do you need us to pick you up at GCC?

  14. gccblogs says :

    We get back next tuesday late.. if you want to that would be great as long as I can sleep all night and next day!!

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