A Look Forwards

Surprise! I’m back!

After a discussion with MarCom and Shawna Dorman, I have decided to post one last blog before I leave you all to the next student who will travel abroad.

So, the purpose of this blog is to talk about my future plans. What does the future hold for me?

If everything goes well, yours truly will be graduating with an Associate’s degree in Biotechnology in May of 2011. Hopefully, I will be able to transfer this to my university of choice, the University of Rochester. This university has everything I’m looking for, apart from the tuition (…yikes…). U of R is a science school in every sense of the word. During the numerous times I have been there, I have been through their chemistry lab, their fusion lab, their laser lab, and their optics lab. They have opportunities for undergraduate research in almost every scientific field you can imagine,  and equipment beyond the wildest fantasies of any biologist/chemist/particle physicist.

I’m torn between three majors there at the moment; Biomedical Engineering, Biology with a concentration in Molecular Genetics, and Biology with a concentration in Cell and Developmental Biology. It’s very difficult; on one hand, Molecular Genetics and Cell and Developmental Biology would be ideal if I want to go into strictly cancer (oncology if you want to get technical) research. However, on the other hand, Biomedical Engineering combines my newfound interest in materials science, optics, and my fascinating with genetics and cellular bio. Only time will tell!

In the nearer future, I am planning to go to Costa Rica with Professor Leupold during spring break to study Costa Rican ecology!!! I may even be blogging my experiences on here once again! (You’ll never get rid of me! :))

But what after the U of R, you ask? Well… that’s the part I’m still quite fuzzy on. I know I’ll want my PhD in something, from a good graduate school, but I’m at a bit of a loss still. Should I follow Biomedical Engineering, I have been looking at Duke (again, tuition… double yikes!…).

Looking forward, I realize that the world is a giant place, filled with wonders as well as horrors, happiness as well as tragedy, joys as well as sorrows. And I have never been happier about the beautiful variety of this planet. Memories from Australia might eventually fade, but the horizons that I have been exposed to will remain bright in my mind forever.

(Thanks to everyone who read and commented on my blog: hopefully I will hear from you again over Spring Break 2011!!)


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