I have been back in the old U.S. of A for just over a week now, after spending a whirlwind seven days in New Zealand. Now that I’m back at school, getting into my classes, and settling into Batavia, I’ve had some time to think about how my trip abroad impacted me.

For sure, I learned a lot about pathology. I saw equipment that I had never before dreamed of, learned fascinating new techniques, and discovered that the process of diagnosis is a whole lot more complicated than one might think.

But not only did I encounter new knowledge in my schooling; I learned new things about the world around us. To travel to the other side of the world both expands and shrinks the Earth for me. I have learned the incredible diversity of this fragile, beautiful planet and its peoples. But I have also learned that, no matter where you go, human nature is the same. No matter what your culture is, we all laugh the same way, and we all cry the same way. People will be people.

Now, I’m sure you’re all very curious to hear how my trip to New Zealand went. Words absolutely fail me, so, instead, I am posting a menagerie of my best pictures of New Zealand. These follow my trip chronologically as I went through New Zealand; read the captions to gain a better understanding of what my trip was like.

On the plane, on my way into Queenstown.

Sunset in Queenstown

Horseback riding in Glenorchy (outside of Queenstown)

More Glenorchy

Yours truly horseback riding in New Zealand.

A reflecting lake on the way to Milford Sound

On the way to Milford Sound, some beautiful mountains.

A waterfall in the Sound. I'm on a boat here.

Cliffs and a waterfall in the Sound.

Milford Sound, in all of its glory.

Flying over the mountains in a six-seater airplane on my way back from Milford Sound.

Me, on the Mt. Iron trail, outside of Wanaka

Stay away from the edge! (Mt. Iron, Wanaka)

Sheep on the Mt. Iron trail!

Lake Wanaka


And thus it was I left New Zealand; with fond memories and  priceless pictures. It was a beautiful place, one that I will always remember. I arrived in the U.S. on October 8th jetlagged, exhausted, but far more traveled and just a little more wiser than when I left.


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2 responses to “Reflections”

  1. James says :


    Your thoughts, reflections and insight epitomize all that we hope a person gains from study aboard programs.

    Thank you


  2. Donna Rae says :

    Leah – Your Blog with your observations, written prose, good humor and incredible photos has been truly a treasure trove of insight and delight. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Onward to Costa Rica???

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