Concerning Hobbits

So I finally figured out why I love Brisbane so much. It took me listening to some LOTR soundtrack on my iPod to figure it out (yes, brand me as a nerd right now), but I’ve got it.

Brisbane reminds me of Hobbiton. And Australia reminds me of Middle Earth. Seriously! The people here in Brisbane like nothing more than going to the pub with a couple of mates and having a good time (Green Dragon, anyone?). They’re gregarious, laid back, and generally cheerful. Many of them smoke, and all of them enjoy the ridiculously good food around here (two words: Caramel tart).

And, t0 stretch my nerdy metaphor even further, one could say that Australia resembles Middle Earth. You have some very hostile country inland and to the south (Mordor), and there are a lot of horseback riders further inland (Riders of Rohan!). Even more so, you have the Aboriginal people who are very in touch with nature and know the woods, forests, streams and mountains better than anyone, but they are steadily leaving their homes and traveling West (Elves).

In short, Australia is the closest shot I’ve got to finding my way to Middle Earth. And it’s a lot safer than braving cave trolls, Nazgul, Orks, and Urukhai.


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One response to “Concerning Hobbits”

  1. Gena says :

    I need you to take a picture of yourself. Just for my own piece of mind.

    Because if you’re crouching over a small piece of jewelry (or top hat) and hoarsely growling ‘my precccccciousssssss’ then I may very well have to come down there and fling said object into the nearest fiery protrusion!

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