Victorian Fashions

Hi Everyone!

Well, I’ve settled very comfortably into my homestay family, they’re all very nice. They have two children, Lara, 2, and Tom, 7, and the house is in a very pretty, quiet suburb of Brisbane called the Grange.Yesterday, I went into the city and to a city shopping center called Chermside.

As a rule, I’m a tent and hiking person, not a hotel and shopping mall person, but there is a TON of really cool stuff for sale here. There was this one shop that was all men’s clothes. It had old-fashioned top hats, like the kind that men wore in the victorian era. I SO wanted to buy one… There was also a shop that was all Victorian furnishing for your home- old-style telephones, chairs that looked like thrones, a shiny pewter tea tray with tea service… You never see such unique items over in the States.

I also went to the Royal Brisbane Museum- now, that was fun. There was an exhibit about this thing called the Burke and Wills Expedition. It was kind of like Lewis and Clark here in the U.S. This group of explorers wanted to map the pretty much blank interior of Australia, so they set off from the south coast, making way to the north. Only three made it to the north coast, and only 1 man survived the expedition, out of 49 (he stayed with an Aboriginal tribe and was rescued by an expedition that went looking for the survivors).The middle of Australia is still mostly unpopulated, even today- it’s unsuitable for agriculture, has no source of natural water, and its VERY dry and hot.

Monday (day after tomorrow) my school starts. I’ll be sitting in on a microbiology class in which we’ll be isolating proteins from chick embryos, it should be interesting. Then Tuesday, I start my internship at Sullivan and Nicolaides Pathology. I’ll let you all know how it goes, so until then, goodbye from Australia!


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2 responses to “Victorian Fashions”

  1. Emily says :

    :sniffle: Why aren’t I midget so I could’ve come in your carry-on bag….?

  2. Jim says :

    So fastinating!

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