First Impressions

Hello from Australia!

That’s right, everyone- yours truly is writing from Brisbane, Australia! It’s 6:31 AM here, and I’m watching the sun rise above this city, casting its golden glow onto the greens and golds of the trees and buildings…

Anyway, it’s been a long past 48 hours. From my and my father’s guesses, we were traveling for about 30 hours straight, going from airport to airplane and back again. After finally disembarking in Brisbane, we caught a bus to our hotel. And there’s where the fun began… The bus drivers here are insane. Not insane in the happy-go-lucky kind of way. Insane in the “oh-my-god hold onto your seat and pray under your breath” kind of insane. Of course, my panic could be due to exhaustion and the fact that they drive on the left side of the road here. Or it could be almost hitting a cyclist.

After that fun little trip, we were informed that we couldn’t check into our hotel room yet. Ok, I told myself. I can deal with sleep deprivation. I’m a college student. So my father and I took a walk around Southbank. This part of the city is on the river, and it’s quite beautiful. A kind of topiary tunnel led us to the riverbank, and there I encountered a didgeridoo player and a very friendy magpie-lark (or as they call them here, peewees). After tipping the one and giving ice cream cone to the other, I headed back to my hotel.

Well, it’s off to breakfast I go, everyone- I haven’t eaten in about 24 hours, save for mango sherbet. Look forward to pictures and more accounts of adventures!



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3 responses to “First Impressions”

  1. Gail Reino says :

    awesome blog!!!!!!!!!!!can’t wait to see a pictorial w/your commentary. your mother loves you tons and misses you from our umble farm…..

  2. Mindy says :

    looking forward to more adventures and the pictures

  3. Michelle says :

    When traveling in foreign lands, always be sure to bring along small snacks, for those are the things that will turn “Sooo hungryyy” into “Meh, I guess this isn’t so bad.”

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